The Psychology of Contemporary Office Design

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Contemporary office design puts a large emphasis on workforce well-being, ensuring that each employee feels comfortable, productive, and safe.

As an employer, your office space should promote more than productivity. When redesigning your office, it is imperative to your employees that their well-being is being accounted for. Contemporary office design puts a large emphasis on workforce well-being, ensuring that each employee feels comfortable, productive, and safe. We all seek homes that can satisfy our basic needs, and an office should not be any different. Here are a few design ideas to keep in mind when redesigning a new work space for you and your employees.


Innovative ergonomic furniture is the absolute best way that you can ensure the comfort of your employees. Ergonomic chairs has become incredibly popular in offices all over the world in recent years, as people have become more concerned about being sedentary for long lengths of time. But ergonomic design doesn’t stop at chairs. There are many types of office furniture that are designed with the health of the human body in mind. It’s almost important that your space provides as much natural light as possible. Fluorescent lights can be harsh and cause strain on the eyes and brain. Open up the shades, and let the natural light shine into your office. It will make employees automatically happier and, in turn, more productive.


In 2018, workplace safety is, unfortunately, at the forefront of many people’s minds. Make sure that your office has the proper safety features that most workplaces provide. You want your workspace to allow employees to come to work with peace of mind. The correct measures to keep doors locked is just one way you can ensure the safety of you and everyone working in your office.


A large reason why many employees of the Digital Age feel unhappy at work is because of a lack of personal privacy. Even the most extroverted office worker needs to feel some amount of privacy throughout the workday. Offices that promote activity-based workspaces the need for privacy by providing quiet spaces to focus and work, phone booths for private phone conversations, and smaller conference spaces for small group meetings.

Conference Room Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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