Helpful Tips for Purchasing Filing Cabinets in Annapolis Junction Maryland

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How do you know which filing cabinets are right for your business?

The first step to keeping your Annapolis Junction office organized is finding the proper filing cabinets that meet your current and future needs. So, how do you know which filing cabinets are ideal for you? There’s a lot to consider regarding size, security, and even appearance. This handy guide provides helpful tips for purchasing filing cabinets for your office layout.

Size of the Filing Cabinets

The size of the filing cabinets is one of the essential factors in your office space planning. Examine the size of the documents you typically file and whether you can fold them. Also, the amount of filing storage space your business may need.

In addition, measure the size of the location where you plan to put the cabinet itself. And if you plan to set a large, lateral filing cabinet against a wall, ensure it will not block a door from opening.

The Type of Filing Cabinets

Furthermore, the common types of filing cabinets are vertical, lateral, mobile, flat, and open shelf. Let’s look in detail at the following types you might need for your Annapolis Junction office:

  • Lateral: lateral filing cabinets are often seen in large office settings due to their several drawers, large paperwork storage capacity, and anti-tipping safety features to ensure you don’t pull the cabinet away from the wall.
  • Vertical: they are most likely seen in home offices or smaller workplace environments since they take up a minimal size. The drawers are usually narrower and store just letter-sized folders.
  • Mobile: mobile filing cabinets are ideal for people who move from one spot to another.
  • Open shelf: similar to a bookshelf, an open shelf cabinet has shelves for you to fill in with folders and binders.
  • Flat: this less common type of filing cabinet is your best bet if you’re looking to hold oddly shaped items and files.

Other Things to Consider

Moreover, other considerations before purchasing filing cabinets include the materials the cabinets are produced of, counterweights, drawer slides, and hanging bar or follower block. For instance, keep in mind that wood furniture doesn’t last long as metal if functionality is your primary focus. Lastly, ensure you stock up on labels and filing folders!   

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