What You Need To Know Before Shopping For File Cabinets

We can all agree that redesigning an office space is definitely a challenge. You need to think twice about what you spend money on, for your future office. Read for tips on how to shop for what you need when shopping for file cabinets.

When shopping for office furniture, what you buy depends all on your office structure, line of work, number of employees and the frequency your furniture is used.

The most sought out office furniture items are cabinets, tables, and chairs. Below are a list of file cabinets you may need in the office and the benefits they offer:

About Storage Cabinets

A file storage cabinet will always be an office necessity because not only will it make your life easier but organization is key to a successful business or lifestyle. A file cabinet is also able to provide you with extra space to store any other articles.

A quality cabinet will keep all your necessary files in a systematic order so they will be available in a faster and non time consuming way. These three types of file cabinets are all accessible; lateral, vertical and rolled.

The lateral file cabinet arranges files in a front-to-back or side-by-side fashion. Lateral files are much wider than normal files, holding 30% more than standard cabinets. If you expect to store bulk documents in your files, this is the cabinet for you.

The vertical file cabinet, this file cabinet is perfect if you are dealing with a compact office. This cabinet takes up very little space and can hold five to six drawers. It will arrange your files in a front-to-back manner.

The side-facing design, this cabinet arranges files in a side basis so that you can quickly retrieve your important files when you need them available. This is a perfect option for an office that needs to review files and other documents on a daily basis.

If the above cabinet options still do not meet your needs, you can always purchase rolled file cabinets. This is the perfect cabinet when your office needs to roll up scroll files and store them in containers. This type of cabinet is mostly used in educational sectors.

Remember, to make the right furniture choices for your office, always purchase supplies from a trusted and branded furniture manufacturer. Edwards & Hill Office furniture is here to help you make the right choices for your office designs by providing highly functional, stylish cabinets.

No matter what your office interior design preference is, Edwards & Hill is here to help you choose the right office furniture for your company’s image and stratify your staff’s comfort.

At Edwards and Hill, we are here to provide you with office furniture choices that will fit every segment of business – offices, lobbies, restaurants, bars and cafeterias to achieve the look you want for your interior design. Click to review the office furniture lines Edwards & Hill Office Furniture has available.

We are a leading office planner and supplier for commercial companies, government agencies and individual consumers nationwide.

What do we do: Sell and install office furniture, design and prepare office plans, relocate and handle planning, marketing, public relations, and film & video production.

Since 1998, when Managing Partner Tony Hill and Partner Hans Edwards founded Edwards & Hill Communications, we have provided clients with creative solutions to complex problems and know how to tailor our products and services to your specific needs.

To give one shining example of what you can expect when you retain the services of Edwards & Hill, we developed the office floor plan and supplied all custom office furniture, computers, audio/visual equipment, customer cueing system and electric lateral filing systems for the new Visitor Control Center (VCC) at Ft. George G. Meade Army Base in Maryland. These needs were specific and complex, and we met them to the great satisfaction of our customer. We also installed 74 rooms every 24 hours and completed the installation of 2000 guest rooms and suites at the Gaylord National Hotel on time.  We brought it all together from start to finish and we can do the same for you.

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