Does Your Workspace Need a Standing Desk?

standing desk

A standing desk keeps you on your feet rather than being hunched over all day.

A comfortable workspace for your employees is essential for improving productivity and focus. Healthy, happy workers are more likely to stay on task, perform efficiently, and get the job done. Making sure your office is equipped with ergonomic furniture is a great way to boost the profitability of your company. Standing desks, for example, have become an increasingly popular solution for many offices. A standing desk is designed for use while standing rather than being slumped back in an office chair. Here are some things to consider when determining whether a standing desk is right for your workspace.

Boost Energy & Avoid Sedentary Positions

A sedentary lifestyle can have adverse effects on a person’s health. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting may be linked to a number of health conditions. A standing desk can help employees stay active and mobile throughout the day. A standing desk can also motivate employees to be more accessible, social, and collaborative.

Improved Productivity

Instead of having to constantly stand up and sit down, you are always on your feet with a standing desk. This makes standing desks an ideal solution for employees who are frequently on the move. Employees are also more inclined to to move around the office and communicate directly with one another when they are not confined to a chair. Furthermore, a standing desk helps employees avoid the temptation to zone out because when you’re standing your body remains in “action mode”. Standing desks often make it easier to get more work done in a shorter period of time.

Disadvantages to Consider

A standing desk isn’t a one size fits all solution, and some people simply find them distracting to their style of working. A standing desk may not provide the necessary level of privacy for some workers to be comfortable. It’s also important to remember that standing can take a toll on your body. Standing for long periods of time without rest can leave your legs and feet sore. Some people opt to use a standing desk with adjustable components so that they can easily switch between sitting and standing. An ergonomic office chair is another option.

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