How to Save Money on Your Next Office Desk

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Office desks are a big investment, make sure next purchase is worth every penny.

New office desks can be a big investment, especially for small businesses. If you’re looking into purchasing a new office desk, it’s worth learning a few ways that you can save money and make the process simpler. Here are a few things you can do to make your next office desk purchase easier and more affordable.

Start Planning Early

Before you jump right into looking at new office desks, create a plan. In this plan you should consider the needs of each of your employees that will be using the desk. Consider what type of desk is going to work best to make them feel comfortable and perform reliably. You also want to make sure that whatever you’re buying is going to fit correctly in your space. No one wants to pay for restocking fees because they ordered the wrong size desk.

Consider Shipping Costs

While buying furniture online may seem convenient, keep in mind the shipping costs. Desks are huge objects, which means that shipping costs can pile up fast, especially if you’re purchasing more than one desk. Always make sure whatever price you’re quoted includes the shipping cost. Also keep in mind that desks that are shipped in bulk could have defects, and returning a damaged desk can be a hassle.

Consider Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished office furniture is one way to get desks at a more affordable price. These aren’t just old and used desks. Rather, these are furniture pieces that have been spruced up to be resold, and still comes with a warranty. Just keep in mind that often times these furniture pieces will not be the latest and greatest styles.

Visit an Office Furniture Showroom

The best place to find both good quality and good price is an office furniture showroom. By visiting a showroom, an office furniture specialist can take a look at your plans and help you piece a desk that works best for your office space. Plus, a showroom salesperson will usually let you in on the latest sales.

Office Moving, Furniture and Planning from Edwards & Hill

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