The Value of a Quality Hospital Bed

A good hospital bed can significantly improve the quality of life for your patients.

A good hospital bed can significantly improve the quality of life for your patients.

Hospital beds are incredibly important for patients that may be bedridden. Unlike regular beds, hospital beds maximize comfort for patients who need to use them for extended periods of time. Their customizable features also make them easily adjustable. Here are a few reasons why a quality hospital bed is so important for your patients:

Better Positioning

When patients have to spend extended amounts of time in bed, the pressure placed on their bodies can cause skin tissues to become trapped between their bones and the bed’s surface. This results in what is commonly referred to as bedsores. An effective hospital bed solves this problem by enabling users to adjust the positioning of the bed and shift pressure away.

Improved Circulation

Hospital beds that allow users to alter and adjust the bed position to their feet and head allow for movement and periodic changes to pressure points on the body. This also helps improve the patient’s blood circulation while he/she is in bed. Rails can also help patients to get in and out of bed or to reposition themselves.


Hospital beds are especially important for people suffering from a condition that requires a caregiver’s monitoring or occasional restraint. Especially for patients that may be at risk of falling out of bed, hospital bed rails assist in reducing the risk of fractures due to falls.


Often times patients experience trouble getting in and out of bed. A hospital bed helps avoid this problem by making it easy to raise the patient higher or lower. This lets patients sit up and get out of bed with relative ease. Patients with hip and knee problems will often look to be seated at an angle greater than 90 degrees, as it will help them get into a standing position.

Caregiver Assistance

Caring for a bedridden loved one will take a toll on just about any caregiver. Frequently administering care can result in back pain if you’re using a normal bed. A hospital bed that elevates patients will help reduce caregiver strain. These beds also come with a wide variety of styles and types, so users can choose between manual or electric beds, as well as headboard and footboard styles and colors.

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