Using Biophilic Office Design at Your Workplace

Using Biophilic Office Design at Your Workplace

In a world where humans are spending more time working indoors, biophilic office design aims to incorporate more outdoor and natural elements into our built environment.

One of the biggest topics surrounding modern office design right now is using biophilic design. It sounds intriguing to many, but some people don’t quite yet fully understand what biophilic design means for an office, or the benefits it can bring to a workplace. In a world where humans are spending more time working indoors, biophilic office design aims to incorporate more outdoor and natural elements into our built environment. However, effective biophilic office design goes beyond just trying to mimic the outdoors. Here’s what you need to know about using biophilic design concepts at your workplace!

What Does Biophilic Office Design Mean?

Biophilic office design refers to principles that reflect our human affinity for nature and the natural elements. We know nature has the power to help people destress, find focus, and boost mood. The idea behind biophilic design looks to bring about that sort of effect in our workplace, despite it being indoors. And while adding more plant life in and around the office can certainly help achieve a biophilic workplace, it also encompasses other ideas to create a pleasant and comfortable workspace. 

How Your Office Can Use Biophilic Design

Natural Light and Natural Views

It goes without saying that maximizing natural lighting in your workplace should be part of your biophilic office design. Nothing energizes workers’ minds and spirits like some sunshine. A natural view is helpful too. Although, if your office doesn’t offer the best views out the window, you can always hang up artwork that alludes to nature.

Add Potted Plants

Adding potted plants to your office design isn’t just a trendy way to put greenery in your workplace; Plants can improve indoor conditions in many ways! Having some plants along a window sill can help keep the indoor climate feel a bit cooler because of the shade it creates. With enough potted plants, your indoor air quality can improve too.

Vibrant Colors

Offices tend to use grays or neutral colors in an attempt to look sophisticated and professional. In appropriate settings, incorporating more vibrant shades and hues in your office decor can actually be a better way to go. Paint a statement wall or use comfy sofas in the lounge area in a bright and dazzling color. You don’t necessarily need to use natural or earthy colors like green.

Use Natural Textures and Finishes

Are there ways you can use wood or natural stone-like textures in your office? This could be an easy way to add more of a natural and outdoorsy feel to your workplace. If you’re looking into using wood furniture, look for pared-down designs that show off natural wood colors and patterns. Otherwise, your refined wood furniture pieces may look too traditional and outdated in a modern biophilic office design.

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