Implementing a Biophilic Design into the Office Space

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A biophilic design focuses on the aspects of nature that affect our physical and mental health.

A biophilic design focuses on the aspects of nature that affect our physical and mental health. It also aims to address the artificial quality of office environments. Many companies have accepted biophilic design in the workplace for its benefits. Learn how to add these biophilic elements to the office space below.

Benefits of a Biophilic Design

Biophilic design supports our innate need to interact with nature in this modern environment. Also, the office building improves human health and increases cognitive function in a biophilic space. Its benefits include:

  • Maximizes acoustic comfort
  • Improves thermal comfort, air quality, and ventilation
  • Generate attractive internal and external views of nature
  • Uses natural textures, patterns, and colors
  • Enhances artificial and natural lighting
  • Integrates building materials such as perforated stone, metal, and wood

Ways to Add Biophilic Elements into the Workplace

Embrace Natural Light

Welcome all the natural light your work office comes with. If possible, choose a building with massive windows. Otherwise, work with what you have. This means removing musty curtains, blinds, and other aspects that may block the light path. In addition, arrange the office furniture to work with the light.

Use Different Textures

Consider utilizing different textures and shapes in the office. To introduce natural elements, you don’t have to work on the space again. For example, your assistant’s desk can be wavy and constructed from several wood panels.

Develop a Holistic Flow to the Greenery

Plenty of foliage is the fundamental of biophilic design. Adding planters is another way to integrate biophilic design elements into the office space. However, avoid isolated pots since they don’t contribute to the biophilic effect. Instead, planters can be used to define line walls and pathways or make little islands of plants that will release calmness as one moves in that space.

Improve Air Quality

Air quality is critical for the health of employees and clients. So, make sure to use air filters to open up ventilation between the inside and outside. Also, ensure there are various plants in your office setting.

Consider Growing a Green Wall

If possible, try to transform an entire wall into a green one. If that is impossible, consider hanging planters vertically on your walls to create a similar green effect.

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