Choosing the Best Conference Room Furniture Design

Choosing the Best Conference Room Furniture Design Edwards&Hill

Multiple smaller tables on wheels allow you to break out into smaller groups or give everyone their personal space to work on.

Like many other things in the workplace, how we use conference rooms is rapidly changing. They still may be used to collaborate and communicate. Still, it’s also now the case that they will need to incorporate technology for video conferencing and have enough space for everyone to be distanced from one another. 

Figuring out how a space will be used is critical in determining the final conference room design. Another essential factor is your conference room furniture, which could fundamentally change how the area is used. In this blog, you’ll learn a few tips for choosing the ideal conference room furniture depending on your specific needs.

The Best Seating

While meeting in a conference room is sometimes necessary, many of us can probably relate to feeling like those meetings can sometimes drag on forever. That feeling has magnified a hundredfold when you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair. It makes sense, too, as your comfort shouldn’t detract from your ability to pay attention and stay productive. An adjustable ergonomic chair can make all the difference. When sitting in a conference room, you’re likely inviting all kinds of people of different sizes and shapes, so adjustable seating is a must-have.

One COVID-19 consideration is to think about the fabrics you’re using. Vinyl or recycled plastic is going to be much easier to disinfect than the typical fabrics you’ve likely seen in the past. Having hygienic chair materials help protect the people you work with.

Conference Room Tables

Due to changes in the workplace, having flexible work surfaces is critical. Your conference room furniture should still promote collaboration while encouraging people to take their safety and comfort into their own hands. Multiple smaller tables on wheels allow you to break out into smaller groups or give everyone their personal space to work on. On the other hand, a large rectangular desk with electrical outlets can let people choose their workspace and make it work for them. 

Either way, virtual meetings will become more prominent than ever, so make sure that whatever table option you choose is still visible from your teleconferencing setup.

Custom Approach

Tables and chairs are a necessity but where you go with your conference room furniture beyond that is up to you. You may consider adding additional storage for shared supplies, a screen for displaying info to each other, or a whiteboard for quick collaboration. Get creative with your conference room design and make sure it works for everyone utilizing the space.

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