Tips for Choosing the Right Breakroom Furniture

Tips for Choosing the Right Breakroom Furniture Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

The primary function of a breakroom is to host workers during their free time to take lunch or have a snack.

Human productivity is defined by the sufficient breaks taken between the reproductive hours. Working non-stop can lead to errors and incoherent results. Having an ideal breakroom increases productivity and efficiency in your working place. 

A breakroom with the right furniture and lighting creates a relaxing environment for your workers where they can re-energize and connect with other co-workers. So, besides the breakroom working as a common lunch area, it is a crucial part of the office where workers can offload the working stress and regain the zeal to continue working. Here are some tips for choosing the right furniture for your breakroom!


The primary function of a breakroom is to host workers during their free time to take lunch or have a snack. Therefore, besides investing in comfortable couches or armchairs, you need to have tables or countertops with coffee makers and microwaves. So, ensure your break room has all crucial aspects to make the working life seamless.


Employees are downed with burnouts, stained eyes, and worked-out brains; they need a common place to recharge. Relaxations come with comfort; investing in modern and comfortable couches improves your breakroom’s overall outlook and increases the employees’ physical relaxation. On the other hand, relaxed and composed employees work efficiently thus, increasing productivity.


In most cases, a breakroom serves several functionalities, from a common room to a meeting venue. That said, you need to invest in portable chairs to keep re-organizing them accordingly to serve the purpose. 

So, which pieces of furniture are ideal for a relaxing break room?

Based on your theme, you have several options to choose from, for instance;


Couches are a perfect choice for your breakroom; furthermore, they are cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. However, workplace couches should have a durable and quality material to withstand the daily pressure from people with sizes and weights. 


Armchairs give a perfect blend and aesthetics when mixed with other small seats like ottomans, beanbags, and club chairs. Importantly, they are portable and provide a wide range of relaxation options. 

Dining Set-Up

Besides unwinding, your employees will be grabbing lunch, a drink, or a snack in the breakroom, so ensure it has high-end tables or coffee tables to serve the purpose. 

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