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Furniture plays a large role in how guests view a hotel.

Hotels serve the important purpose of providing travelers with a home away from their own abode. While hotels aren’t expected to replace a person’s home experience, they can still take some steps to make sure guests feel as comfortable as possible when they are staying at these establishments. As people’s needs change, hotels need to adapt to meet new expectations and ways of life. In 2018, guests expect different things from hotels than they did in the early 2000s, which is something hotels have to consider. With that in mind, here are some hotel design tips you may find useful.


Don’t Overcrowd The Room

In 2018, minimalism is in. Guests do not want to be overwhelmed with too much furniture in their rooms. This means that the furniture in the room needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Even though guests may not want to be bombarded with furniture, they still do expect certain essential amenities. One essential piece of furniture is a small desk your guests can use to do some work or use their laptops. It’s also important to have a comfortable chair your guests can sit in while they are doing their work.


Environmentally Friendly Options

Along with the theme of embracing minimalism, embracing the use of materials that aim to help conserve energy is a good way to go. There are many ways to incorporate environmentally friendly materials, from using recycled materials to implementing lighting measures (like LED lighting). In addition, certain hotels are using hotel keys that are made of materials other than plastic.


Incorporate Natural Lighting

Natural light can help your guests feel relaxed and at home. In general, lighting can significantly affect your how your guests feel. If the lights in your hotel are too bright or too dim, they can result in your guests having an unpleasant stay. Keep in mind the amount of natural light that comes into your guests’ rooms.

High-Quality Hotel Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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