Embracing Hospitality Design Trends

hospitality design trendsAs the hospitality industry continues to change, many establishments are trying hard to keep up with the latest trends. These hospitality design trends have taken form based on what guests are looking for in their stays. In the past, the trends reflected the lack of time normally spent within a hotel room. In recent hospitality design trends, the need to pamper the guest is apparent. It is also apparent that many guests who are traveling for business are using their hotel rooms as a second office.

One of the latest hospitality design trends is the elaborate and spa-like bathroom. Large counters paired with deep tubs provide guests with a relaxing space to decompress during their travels. Another popular hospitality trend is the creation of restaurants within the hotel that have become their own destination. While it is convenient to have a place to eat on location of where you are staying, guests don’t want to feel as though they are eating in a cafeteria. Creating a food destination will make current guests feel special while encouraging new guests to stay at the establishment.

Furniture is being created to take up as little space as possible while also having multiple functions. Tables are being created to pull down into a bed while sofas are being created to double as storage. The furniture within the rooms is also being created to support the business aspect of a trip. Power outlets throughout rooms and within furniture enable a guest to accomplish all of their business goals from their devices without having to leave their rooms. The lobby is also being designed as a communal area instead of the sole purpose of checking in and out of the hotel.

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