Socially Distanced Designs Using Senior Living Furniture

Socially Distanced Designs Using Senior Living Furniture

Balancing the social and safety needs of the senior residents is the top priority, and it can be done strategically with the right senior living furniture.

It is custom for seniors to move into assisted living facilities and still keep a degree of independence. Many of these seniors end up making new friends with other inhabitants of the assisted living facility. Senior living facility designers are often creating spaces and utilizing senior living furniture that supports socializing while upholding safety measures. Balancing the social and safety needs of the senior residents is the top priority, and it can be done strategically with the right senior living furniture.

Dining Areas

Perhaps the most lively area in which senior living inhabitants socialize is the dining areas. It is challenging to provide an effective dining space while following social distancing guidelines. Large, open dining rooms that offer space for over a hundred guests are simply not suitable in 2020. Designers are now making sure that social distancing is incorporated into the dining area design from the beginning. For instance, grand dining halls are now divided into smaller spaces where limited-sized groups can socialize and eat while still using the original senior living furniture from the previous design.

Common Areas

The most likely place for inhabitants to be is in the common areas. After all, this area is meant to encourage and promote socializing through the use of amenities and senior living furniture that supports several participants. Arranging senior living furniture in a way that facilitates interaction may be difficult but can be done. For instance, utilizing flexible and transitional designs, furniture, and amenities can help the area adapt to any number of inhabitants while keeping it safe. Of course, the senior living furniture should also facilitate a comfortable and pleasant room to be in.

Multi-purpose Areas

Some senior living furniture can be utilized in any setting, no matter the room’s function while maintaining a safe social distance. Furniture that is usable in multiple rooms and that keeps inhabitants apart is the ideal choice in this modern age. Lounge and outdoor furniture are both good examples of this category of furniture. They can be used inside and out. Lounges are typically large open spaces that are inherently socially distanced.

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