Factors When Selecting Senior Living Furniture

Factors When Selecting Senior Living Furniture

Senior living furniture can directly impact residents’ and facility staff’s day-to-day lives.

Senior living furniture can directly impact residents’ and facility staff’s day-to-day lives. So when it comes time to choose which pieces of senior living furniture to incorporate into your senior living or assisted living facility, you should think critically about what to offer your elderly residents. What’s unique about senior living furniture is the balance it tries to achieve by being suitable for both a medical and residential setting. Your furnishings should come together and look pleasant while maintaining high standards of durability and reliability.


Similar to considerations when looking for healthcare furniture, the materials to make senior living furniture should be durable and cleanable. In fact, certain healthcare regulations even require furniture that will prevent infection and microbial growth. Typically, the furniture material has been treated or designed so that it won’t support microbial growth or withstand frequent cleaning. In terms of fabric material, look for stain-resistant options. Indeed, the durability of the material must be considered, as well. Durable pieces hide signs of wear and tear, along with not being prone to scratches and scuffs.


Consider the design aspects that suit the aging population. In most cases, senior living furniture should help support movements that get more difficult with age, such as standing up or sitting down. Sturdy and heavy pieces should offer a lot of stability and support. Opt for chairs and other seats with armrests as much as possible, since they also aid with movement. Anything with sharp edges could be a hazard. Instead, pick pieces designed with rounded edges and corners.


Furniture in senior living facilities is meant to be used and not merely there to fill space. Therefore, never neglect to consider how comfortable each piece of furniture is to use for some time. Is there enough back support, or is the table at an appropriate height that won’t cause strain? Your senior residents will have different preferences, so see if you can provide a variety of furniture. This way, everyone, including caretaking staff, can have a comfortable option.


Overall, the style of furniture should come together and create a space that reflects its purpose: everyday use. Often, this means that the senior living furniture looks just as likely to be found in a home setting than it is in an assisted living facility. Facility managers want to create an inviting and pleasing space for residents to gather. It isn’t hard to do since senior living facilities try not to look like healthcare spaces but instead something more familiar and residential.

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