Maximizing Space with Classroom Furniture

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This article explores ways to maximize space with classroom furniture.

Teachers must consider how to design their classrooms to maximize space of any size. When prioritizing safe design, it may be easy to forget your classroom can impact educational effectiveness. Classrooms can support a safe and effective learning environment. This article explores ways to maximize space with classroom furniture.

Arranging Desks in a Small Classroom

Today, classroom designs can still simplify effective collaboration. Teachers who need to maximize space with classroom furniture must still develop safety-compliant layouts to support different learning situations. Also, consider the following learning situations that your classroom design can better accommodate with various desk arrangements:

  • Collaborative work
  • Independent work
  • Small group lessons
  • Large group discussions

For example, make cabinets and bookcases more accessible. Encourage cooperative learning with rows of desks if that’s the only option. If possible, divide your classroom into two or three manageable groups. Their seats should be placed in rows perpendicular to the primary teaching side and face away from their fellow student friends.

Implement a Flexible and Modern Classroom Design

You may also maximize space with classroom furniture by arranging desks in groups of three or four around the room. The students in each group must face each other without having their desks touched. For additional safety, place movable whiteboards between each group. Overall, open space at the classroom’s center allows students to access their smaller teams safely.

Fortunately, this layout is best for cooperative learning and individual work. It also accommodates group instruction. At Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, we provide various school and laboratory furniture for different educational applications. Call us today at 301-317-4250!

Final Thoughts

Studies on education demonstrate an organized student is a successful student. Students may learn organization through instruction and modeling. Although teachers with excellent organizational structures may assist in reinforcing organization in their students, having individual storage options is best to enhance these lessons. So, the most straightforward option for this storage type is at-desk storage. Fortunately, students who have their desks can purchase or make desk pockets that hang from their chairs to maintain everything they need at their desks.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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