Determining the Right Office Furniture for Your Company


edwards & hill determining the right office furniture

When determining the right office furniture for your company, you must consider that it must be functional and attractive.

Determining the right office furniture is a more complicated and demanding task than it appears. The office is an area of concentration, productivity, and creativity where employees spend most of their days. So, it’s critical that the furnishings are suitable for the worker and provides them with the necessary elements to maintain or increase their productivity.

Tips on Choosing the Best Office Furniture

When determining the right office furniture for your company, you must consider that it must be functional and attractive. It should also be appropriate to the nature of your business and corporate identity. This will positively impact the visit of a potential client or partner. Remember that individual and organizational values are reflected through the image displayed by the office.

Moreover, it’s necessary to consider that the furniture must be adequate for the needs and space of each department. So, choosing the wrong office furniture can result in the comfort loss and productivity of the workers.

What Furniture to Select Based on the Space?

Reception Area

The selection of the reception desk must be made according to the company’s image or intention to transmit. Also, the reception area is one of the first contacts that the visitor to the company has. It is here where first impressions are made about the company’s presentation.

Workstation Tables

The tables are critical when determining the right office furniture because this is where the employees spend most of their time, affecting their productivity. In addition, you must consider the person’s height. This will include viewing different sizes and models. Additionally, work islands are an advantageous solution for space management.

Office Chairs

Similar to tables, chairs also contribute to the well-being of the worker. The worker spends most of the day sitting on a chair, so it’s crucial to evaluate ergonomic and adjustment problems. To do this, it’s necessary to analyze factors such as the weight of the person who is going to sit on the chair and the time that the worker must be seated.

Cabinets and Drawer Units

The organization overall is essential for productivity and the company’s corporate image. Both cabinets and drawer units are the ideal solution for this problem. Although the size and configuration vary, you can place them in the available space.

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