Tony Hill Interviewed By The Baltimore Business Journal

Just in time for spring, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture has great news to share! Tony Hill, managing partner of Edwards & Hill Office Furniture, has been featured in the Baltimore Business Journal.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is a full-service commercial furniture company founded in 1998.

Tony and Hans believe God led them to create a successful furniture company because the right business mentors were sent into their lives at the right time and for the right need. One person was Jay Isom who served as an invaluable business mentor and guide for Tony and Hans.

How did Tony and Hans finance Edwards & Hill Office Furniture?

Originally, the furniture company was bootstrap financed. Now, Tony and Hans have a line of credit with M&T Bank and credit with their suppliers and vendors.

Where did Tony and Hans get the idea to start a commercial furniture company?

Originally, Tony and Hans created an entertainment industry website where agents were listed, casting information was provided, and where to get head shots could be discovered.

This is when Tony and Hans decided to sell web advertisement and offered a premium package for subscribers.

Tony and Hans realized they would never make the money they needed to make the business thrive so they created a marketing company that focused on event planning and business promotions. This business venture also did not generate good cash flow.

What did branch them into a successful commercial business was Tony’s relationship with a contracting specialist.

Through the contracting specialist, Tony placed a bid on six chairs, which he purchased. Months later Tony sold those six chairs to a client. The client later requested cubicles and a freestanding office.

Tony believes to this day that God opened a door for Hans and him to succeed. Tony stated in the interview with the Baltimore Business Journal that many people are afraid to step through the door God opens for them.

When God opened the door for Tony, Tony saw an opportunity to step through that door and advises anyone, “Don’t be afraid to succeed.”

What business advice does Tony give to startups and successful business owners?

Tony highly recommends that business owners hire the right people in the right positions to save the business money short term and long term.

This business strategy works because business owners have the opportunity to delegate as well as focus on the direction and vision of future business ventures on behalf of the company.

Learn about Edwards & Hill Office Furniture 5-year vision as well as invaluable business advice in the article How I Got Started with Tony Hill featured in the Baltimore Business Journal.

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