How To Design An Internet Cafe That Drives Major Revenue

Are you planning to set up an Internet cafe? If yes, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to help you design a highly functional and stylish Internet cafe.

Internet cafes are in popular demand and starting an Internet cafe could truly bring in major revenue for you.

This article will provide you valuable information on how to set up an Internet cafe.

Where are the most successful Internet cafes located?

If you want to generate major revenue with your Internet cafe, you should set shop in a high traffic area such as urban restaurants and tourist spots ( the zoo, museums, near college campuses).

What are the basic equipment necessities for an Internet cafe?

An Internet cafe should feature the following equipment and office furniture items:

  • Computers

  • Networking Equipment

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Cables

If your Internet cafe has a theme, you will have a better chance at attracting customers.

Some ways you can attract customers to your Internet cafe beyond your interior design and furnishing is to provide food service (drinks, snacks, cafe food) and office services (faxing, copying, and high speed access).

Provide diverse amenities and services that truly cater to your target audience.

The Internet cafe design layout should fit the space. You should have enough space for food and beverage preparation, consumption and an area for computer equipment. We also recommend decorating the wall space with painting as a public gallery.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture will help you through the design process every step of way – layout, furniture and even lighting scheme.

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