The Right Hotel Furniture: How to Make Your Hotel More Inviting and Comfortable For Hotel Guests

When in the hospitality industry, you need to consistently find ways to make your guests feel at home. You can make your guests feel at home by using the style and color of the furnishings to create a comfortable environment.

The right hotel furniture is furniture that adds elegance and improves the functionality of a hotel by enhancing the look, feel and setting of a hotel’s interior to impress visitors, as well.  You may choose to have Contemporary hotel furniture in the guest rooms and more traditional furniture in the common areas or dining rooms.  Whether a central them flows throughout or you have themes that change from the lobby to the dining room to the guest rooms of your hotel, the furnishings alone can provide guests a wonderful experience of comfort and pleasure.

Here are just a few ideas for hotel furniture styles for the guest rooms, dining rooms and the lobby areas of your hotel:

The Hotel Guest Room

A great style to have in your hotel Guest room is a nice cherry finish. Cherry is a rich color that is not too dark and not too light.  Most people are fond of cherry, thus it will be pleasing to the masses.  Cherry finished furniture is made from high-quality wood with a splendid cherry finish. It is a classic option that any guests would admire.

There are, of course, many other finishes, maple with black inlay or walnut with white inlay can provide a stunning look as well.  Part of the fun of having a project come together is choosing all of the finishes that complement one another and create the ultimate atmosphere.  Is your hotel room geared toward the business traveler, honeymooners or family vacationers?  You may choose to let the use of the room dictate how you approach its furnishings.  In addition to the bed style you should add stylish sofas, elegant tables and comfortable chairs to your hotel bedrooms. Furniture made of solid wood will last for years in hotel bedroom settings, while offering you a refined and luxurious interior. If you cater to families, you may want that furniture to be laminate for durability sake.

The Modern Hotel Dining Room

When you are purchasing hotel dining room furniture, you want furniture that is up to date and attractive. One great feature to have in a modern dining room is wooden bar stools for your hotel bar and restaurant area.  Though metal bar stools can provide an equally pleasing look and even more durability.

When picking dining room furniture you want the furniture to blend well with your hotel’s style and theme. For example, bar stools which have the same feel as the lobby area will create a nice flow.  However, you could have a dining area that has its own distinct theme so that your guests feel as if they are entering a different environment with its own mood and atmosphere.

As for dining room tables, the best quality and value are those made with high quality laminate if the tables will not be covered with table cloths.  Laminates have come a long way.  You can get them in many different colors and the finish can be quite attractive.  Some great dining table finishes are cherry, mahogany, dark mahogany, natural and walnut.  If the tables will be covered with linen, no need to spend the extra money on pretty tables when functional tables will do just as well.  The Linens will make the dining room and allow for a change of scene and atmosphere by changing the color instead of buying new tables.

Hotel Lobby Furniture

Every hotel lobby needs to have an inviting look for its guests because it is the all important 1st impression. Stylish hotel lobby furniture whether it is traditional or contemporary or transitional can create a different atmosphere for your hotel. It only takes a few elegant and comfortable sofas, lounge chairs, and ottomans to get the job done right. Use colors that exist in your hotel theme when picking lobby furniture to appropriately suit your hotel décor.

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