Office Furniture for a Modern Library

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The libraries of today need to have furniture that is easy to move and rearrange, but can stand up to years of use.

Libraries and other gathering spaces have particular aspects that makes designing them different from an office or other work space. A large number of different people with different needs all use the space to collaborate and work. There are a few keys to consider when deciding on furniture for your educational library or lab.


Furniture that can be reconfigured to serve multiple purposes helps keep the library interesting and functional for a variety of patrons. Engagement and collaboration are the key, and small, lightweight, and mobile tables that patrons can move around and use in different ways are the best way to achieve this.


Like other high traffic areas, libraries need to invest in furniture that will stand the test of time. Since most libraries are publicly owned, and may not have the benefit of extra funding through grants or benefactors, making sure the furniture is durable enough to last seven to 10 years is vital. Fabrics that are easy to clean, like polyester or vinyl, will make upkeep more manageable. For hard surfaces like tables and desks, consider purchasing library furniture with laminated table tops that will stand up to impacts better than a softer material, like wood.


The furniture in a room is a key identifier of what purpose the room serves, and the biggest factor in the look of a room. People are looking for an interesting and fun place to work, but not something so striking it’s overwhelming.


A great way to encourage patrons to spend more time at your library is to make them comfortable. Ergonomic furniture, especially chairs, give patrons plenty of ways to customize the chair to fit them more comfortably than tradition chairs. It’s important to keep in mind the way technology has changed the idea of being comfortable. Hinged side table for laptops and power outlets embedded into library furniture are great ways to keep your patrons comfortable while they work.

Furnish That New Library with Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

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