Office Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

office furniture mistakesWhen it comes to purchasing office furniture, business owners have numerous options. With so many choices, it can be easy to make mistakes when purchasing your office furniture. These mistakes could end up decreasing your office productivity and creating an uncomfortable environment within your office space.

Here are some of the more commonly made office furniture mistakes to avoid when making your next purchase:

  • Purchase without a Plan- Rushing to make a furniture purchase can lead to unnecessary or unwanted pieces, which could ultimately cost your business money. Before making any purchases, a vision or plan should be devised to determine what kind of pieces you need.
  • Purchase without Comfort- Instead of considering the comfort of employees, office furniture is purchased with price in mind. While a used chair may cost less than an ergonomic chair, your staff member will end up uncomfortable and in pain during their work day. This means a decrease in productivity, which could end up costing your business more than the ergonomic chair.
  • Wrong Fabric- Before making a final purchase; consider what the pieces will be used for. Choose a fabric that is suited best for your office and its use. If the pieces will be used often, or at risk for spills, choose a durable fabric. You also want to choose a fabric that matches the rest of your office.
  • Lack of Growth- Another common mistake made when purchasing office furniture is the lack of foresight for possible company growth. Furniture that is heavy and large will make movement and adding new employees difficult as your company expands.
  • Price as Top Priority- Instead of considering the overall value of a piece, some owners purchase the cheapest pieces available. While this may seem best for the budget to start, cheap pieces will need to be replaced sooner. They also tend to not perform as well as more valuable pieces.


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