Micro-Space: The Hotel of the Future


As major cities across the nation continue to grow and evolve, space is becoming harder to come across. Because of the lack of space, many industries are attempting to find new ways to fit in throughout our nation’s major cities. Because of this, two furniture manufactures have come together to create a line of hotel furniture that will work within a micro-space setting. Think Fabricate has recently joined forces with Resource Furniture to create a three piece furniture line that could be used in a micro-space.

Kinetic, the new furniture line, includes only a credenza, coffee table, and wall cabinet.  Kinetic was created to fit within Hotel Resource. This hotel was developed by Resource Furniture to show how hotel rooms can include only a few simple pieces without losing their comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. The rooms within the Hotel Resource are only 240 square feet, but can still be enjoyed by guests. Each piece of furniture used in the room holds multiple uses to eliminate the need for extra pieces of furniture.

The credenza was developed to include numerous drawers for storage as well as a small refrigerator. The coffee table was developed to match a sofa Resource had already developed. The coffee table can be lifted to form a desk, while also including an additional workstation that can be folded out if needed. The wall cabinet is probably the most efficient of the three pieces. The cabinet includes a mirror, storage space, bar, iron, and espresso machine. These functions are not only easily accessible for guests, but also easily hidden. The pair of companies is looking forward to creating more functional pieces of furniture to be used in micro-spaces.

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MMBQ Issue 11-3-2014



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