Healthcare Facilities Helping our Aging Population

Healthcare Facilities

A large percentage of our nation’s population is nearing the age, or already past the age of 65. We are entering a period where our elders are learning to give up their freedoms while the younger generation is learning ways to help the transition. Our population is beginning to live longer, but not necessarily in the best shape. Those over the age of 65 are beginning to lose their balance, hearing, and sight, making it difficult to live alone. In 2012 alone, almost 24,000 adults over the age of 65 passed away as a result from a fall. That same year, over 2.4 million adults over the age of 65 were treated in emergency rooms as a result from a fall.

This is why many are beginning to move to a number of different healthcare facilities to ensure their safety. As these healthcare facilities begin to see an increase in numbers, they are finding ways to ensure the safety of their inhabitants while not infringing on their rights as human beings. Healthcare facilities are incorporating furniture that is sturdier and eliminating pieces that can be easily broken or pushed over should someone fall. Healthcare facilities are also using lighting, contrasting colors, and striping to help those living within the facility. Lighting is being installed along hallways and walkways to make it easier to see. Contrasting colors are used when installing new toilet seats and baths, which help those who are dealing with cataracts and glaucoma to see the porcelain better. Striping is being incorporated with stairs and ledges to show the drop, helping to prevent falls.

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