How to Improve Productivity in The Office

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Learn how to be productive while at work in the office.

Being productive in the office is essential to business operations. Developing habits that help increase productivity will help you feel more accomplished at the end of the day and less stressed overall. Check out these tips for improving productivity in the office.

Track Your Time

If you’ve been working in your position for some time, then you have an idea of how long it should take you to complete certain tasks. When you begin a project, take notice of the time and track how long it took you to complete that task. After a couple of days, you’ll be able to estimate how long it should take you to complete certain tasks and plan your day accordingly.   

Take Regular Breaks

Being able to step away from your desk regularly will actually make you more productive. Being able to give your mind a rest will give you the ability to come back to your tasks with a clearer focus. Research suggests that taking short breaks throughout the day will help you meet your daily goals by providing more structure.

Establish Deadlines

Even if the project that you’re working on doesn’t have a particular deadline, assign one for yourself. Having deadlines will help you stay on task throughout the day and give you some motivation for getting through one project and moving onto the next one. A healthy level of self-imposed stress will require you to develop more structure throughout the day and thereby, allowing you to become more productive.

Fewer Meetings

It’s true that many meetings could be settled by sending a quick e-mail. Having fewer meetings will give you more time to give your attention to more pressing matters. Plus, depending on where the meeting is held, you’ll also be wasting time walking over to the conference room and back to your desk.

One Task at a Time

Stop multitasking. Although many employers consider the ability to multitask to be a valuable one, it often limits productivity. Completing one project before moving onto the next helps keep you more organized and structured.

Minimize Interruptions

As best as you can, try to minimize interruptions throughout the day. Stopping and starting means that you’ll have to keep track of where you were and what still needs to be done. Do your best to complete a task before having a conversation with your colleagues.

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