How do I choose a high quality ergonomic office chair?

University of Maryland Ergonomic Chairs for Medical Purposes

Do you find yourself complaining about back pains and neck pains? Have you experienced wrist injuries? Then you may be sitting in the wrong office chair. It only takes an office chair with good posture support to relieve your body of back pains, neck pains and prevent wrist injuries.

The right ergonomic chair for your office can improve your physical health and enhance your work productivity.

How can I find the right ergonomic chair?

When choosing an ergonomic office chair that meets your back, neck and wrist needs, you need to identify how you can best use the ergonomic features of your ergonomic office chair.

How can I best support my health with an ergonomic office chair is the question at hand. To make yourself as informed as possible about ergonomic furniture prior to choosing your ergonomic office chair, you should consult with a professional furniture company that has a specialty in ergonomic furniture.

There are 5 ergonomic furniture features you should focus upon when choosing an ergonomic chair to make the best decision for your office work environment. These 5 ergonomic furniture features are height, type of armrest, level of back support, seat depth and the comfort level of the headrest.

Knowing the appropriate height you will need from your ergonomic chair will help you adjust your office chair to a height that permits you to comfortably sit. A comfortable sitting allows your feet to firmly lie flat on the floor surface while your knees are positioned at 90 degrees. In this sitting position, your hips will be parallel to your knees.

Good armrest support. You will especially need an ergonomic chair with good armrest support if you spend hours upon hours typing away at the computer. The armrests on ergonomic chairs are designed to accommodate a variety of users and the work activities they are required to perform.

Good backrest. With excellent backrest support, you will provide your back the natural curve support it needs to maintain a healthy spine and sufficient lower back support. The ideal backrest will offer both good shoulder and neck support. The ergonomic backrest will improve your work flexibility and motions for any work activity that requires you to reach while sitting. You can even purchase an ergonomic chair that specifically offers reclining for the backrest. Reclined sitting is considered anything that goes beyond the 90-degree angle of sitting.

Have a good seat cushion. A comfortable ergonomic seat cushion is 2-4 inches (length from back to your knees).

A comfortable headrest. You want great comfort for your office chair headset to take phone calls and type at the computer with ease.

List the work tasks you will do most in your office and consult with a professional furniture company to see what’s best for you. Choose your ergonomic chair style, color and materials right here at Edwards & Hill Office Furniture.

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