Hotel Outdoor Furnishing Ideas For Inauguration Week

The New Year is here and it’s almost Inauguration time! People will be flocking to DC and looking for the best hotel stays in town. This is a great opportunity for your hotel to make big money now and in the future, if you have the right appeal.

To attract potential hotel guests for return business you should offer not just comfortable indoor, but also outdoor hospitality features.  Once the Inauguration has taken place, the spring season will be here before you know it.

Comfortable outdoor furniture for diners and drinkers is perfect for informal inaugural ball events your hotel may want to host.  You may want to rent some furniture and heated tents to increase the capacity for Inaugural guests.  Guests will remember the great time they had and may consider returning during the spring or summer to take in the outdoor experience without a tent.

The Outdoor Furniture should offer hotel guests outstanding quality and the furniture should be very durable to last for years to come.  If you select versatile furniture pieces, you will have excellent flexibility in layout throughout your hotel.

Small tables are excellent furniture pieces for your hotel courtyards and street spaces. The tables will provide your hotel a chic look guests can truly appreciate.

As for outdoor seating, you should consider high quality stackable or folding chairs. They will be easy for your staff to layout for guests while still providing exceptional comfort and mobility for all users.

Also keep in mind that all outdoor furniture should be low maintenance. To keep maintenance to a minimum, consider hardwearing materials such as non-wood resin plastic. This type of furniture will resemble wood but annual rub downs or oiling will not be necessary. This type of outdoor furniture is not only beautiful but also perfect for heavy usage.

Don’t forget to install high benches and stools for hotel guests who enjoy eating and drinking on the go. Lounging sofas are also very popular choices. Just make sure the cushions feature breathable foam so rain can easily escape.

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