Hospitality Furniture: How To Create A First Class Hotel Room

A numerous amount of people will begin to travel as summer approaches. When guests stay at your hotel, the first impression and last impression are extremely important long after they check out.  You want them to refer to your hotel as a first class hotel every time they tell someone about their stay with your property.

How can you make sure that your guests get a first class experience at your hotel? You can start by designing first class guest rooms.

Guests will always remember their night stay at a hotel. The hotel room should have an appealing color palette and scheme that correlates with your overall hotel theme and geographical setting – beach, forest, desert, etc.

The hotel room should provide plenty of privacy and comfort to guests. It is very important to provide privacy and comfort to guests in the hotel room because the bed and bedroom setting are highly memorable to hotel guests for better or for worse. Every hotel room is a reflection on the style and sophistication of the hotel.

For the best hotel room design results, keep luxury and multi-functionality in mind. Here are some rules of thumb to follow:

  1. Provide hotel guests plenty of space and flexibility. They should have a spacious bed/ sleeping area. They should have ergonomic chairs for reading and watching TV. There should be a coffee table and mini fridge included in every hotel room. And you can’t forget the office desk for work or leisure activity.

  2. The hotel room should also have a healthy air quality by providing good ventilation and HVAC system controls. Avoid positioning the bed underneath air vents to prevent cold or hot air blowing on hotel guests as they sleep.

  3. Have good hotel room lighting. There should be a bedside lamp, a closet light, and reading lights in the bedroom. In the bathroom, there should be lights installed on the makeup mirror, wall sconces and vanity (over head lights are the best for the vanity). Dimmer controls are in popular demand for soothing baths.

Always provide an area for breakfast – coffee station, and a side table for snacks and other beverages. A mini bar or wine cooler will also delight hotel guests and increase revenue.

Here are crucial hotel room accessories you should feature to keep guests booking and recommending your hotel time and time again:

  • Comfortable bed mattress with aesthetically pleasing dust skirts, sheets, and duvets.

  • Provide colorful throw pillows for the ergonomic chairs. All other colors used in the room should be neutral colors – blacks, tans, whites, and brown.

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  • Furniture Assembly Services

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  • Moving Services

  • Interior Design Services/ Space Planning

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