Furniture Companies and the Future: What Lies Ahead

Furniture Companies

The excitement and stress from preparing and participating in NeoCon has seemed to vanish, leaving in its wake the opportunity for businesses to take a breath and focus on the past quarter and their numbers. Two big names in the industry, Herman Miller and Steelcase, have released their numbers for this past quarter of the fiscal year. While their numbers show that both businesses have little to worry about by way of success, they are still not at the goals set by Wall Street or the company itself.


President and CEO of Steelcase Jim Keane believes that balancing out factory workloads will help to bring numbers up to where they are needed. The company plans to close two of it’s factories, one in France and one in North Carolina, and distribute the workload to an already established factory. They are looking at another factory in North America as well as a factory in Spain to distribute the work to. The company believes that their overall message is quite clear to both employees and customers alike while their brands continue to gain momentum in the industry.


Herman Miller CEO Brian Walker believes that while certain brands are pivotal in helping his company reach success, all brands are essential in it’s success. Herman Miller has found success in brands like Nemschoff and POSH, while other brands need more attention and work to reach their goals. Nemschoff still remains the leading brand in healthcare furniture while POSH remains a leader in the furniture industry in China. While both companies show no signs of worry, the current forecast for the fiscal year projects number that are failing to reach their goals. The companies are working to create a stable project environment while focusing more on production in Europe and Asia.


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