How Flexible Classroom Seating Is Changing the Way We Teach


Here are just a few of the many ways innovative classroom design is changing the future of education.

While students were once assigned to specific seating in a rigid fashion, new trends are showing that taking a more flexible approach can be incredibly beneficial in K-12 classrooms. There are dozens of reasons and plenty of research that indicates the effects of flexible seating. Although this is the case, this classroom design trend is still relatively new and not completely accepted. Many old-fashioned educators may see it as a new way for students to be distracted, but much of the research shows that it does the opposite. Here are just a few of the many ways innovative classroom design is changing the future of education.

A Student-Oriented Classroom Design

There are countless factors that play into a child’s ability to focus on a task. Students may be tired, understimulated, uncomfortable, or hungry. All of these factors can affect their focus. Having control over their position in the classroom gives students the ability to realize self-determination that will keep them to focus on learning.

Learning To Make Choices

By allowing students to choose their own seating, studies have found that having choices makes them feel more empowered and in charge of their learning experience. All of this leads to better engagement with classmates and teachers. Likewise, it helps to develop higher-order thinking skills and allows for better development of decision-making skills.

Building Community and Communication

When space is shared and there is no need to have possessive or territorial behavior, students are better able to work on sharing and communication skills. While teachers must still be involved in the rulemaking and process of establishing a free seating system, students begin to develop better communication skills to navigate the classroom.

Making Learning Fun

Lastly, and most importantly, flexible seating helps to keep learning fun. With students staying more active, open, and engaged, they are more willing to learn and focus. Students who moved to the flexible seating system have been said to completely change their opinion on school, for the better.

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