3 Hotel Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer


With these design ideas, your hotel will be the welcoming and luxurious experience your guests are looking for!

With the warm weather and kids out of school, summer is the perfect time to travel. Hotels see a lot more guests coming through in the summer as people are traveling for pleasure and not just for business. The hospitality industry is a competitive one, and you want to make sure that you’re hotel stands out among the others. With these three design ideas, your hotel will be the welcoming luxury experience that your guests are looking for!

Make It Personal

In an increasingly impersonal world, the hotel owners and employees have a responsibility to personalize every guest’s experience. By adding that human element of service, your hotel is guaranteed to have guests coming back again and again. “The Experience” is everything in the hotel industry, and potential guests are reading reviews to see exactly what kind of experience previous guests have had. By adding personalized touches to even the smallest details, guests will be impressed.

A Home Away From Home

Hotels are now competing with actual homes. Apps like Airbnb are making the hospitality industry increasingly more competitive, and not just with other hotels. The reason for Airbnb’s success could be attributed solely to the fact that travelers like to feel that “home” feeling. By creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your hotel, you’re making your hotel feel like a home away from home. With comfortable furniture and elegant fixtures, you’ll set the stage for that ideal home-like feeling.

The First Glace Is Everything

Your hotel lobby is the first interior space your guests and potential guests will see. With a lobby that aims to make guests feel at ease and at home, you’re already winning the approval of your guests. Hotel lobbies should be elegant, but also offer a sense of relaxation. With the right furniture and decor, your hotel will set the right tone for every guest who walks in.

High-Quality Hotel Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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