Feng Shui Color Pairings for the Office

Feng-ShuiHow colorful is your office? Are you finding yourself simply staring at white walls? Studies have shown that bare white walls can create a negative atmosphere within an office and can actually prevent creativity.

Feng Shui is a practice that was created over 3,000 years ago by the Chinese. It was built based around the balance of energies within a room to create an atmosphere that promotes good fortune and health. Today, many businesses and homeowners take aspects of Feng Shui and apply them to help increase the positive energy within the room. While some aspects include moving pieces of furniture, others deal with colors used in rooms.

So what colors are recommended for Feng Shui practices?

  • Black and Blue- This pairing represents water within your office. The two colors used together can add a relaxing and peaceful element to your office. This pairing is also found within hospitals to help calm patients.
  • Brown and Green- These colors are related to the element of wood, which can represent wealth in Feng Shui. You can implement these colors within your office with a solid wood desk or a potted plant.
  • Orange and Red- This color pairing represents fire and can be a symbol for energy and passion. Use these colors sparingly throughout the office to promote energy. Too much of these colors can cause anxiety, so be careful.
  • Beige and Yellow- These colors are known to represent Earth. Use these to help promote stability throughout your office.


While you may not believe in the “balance of energies” within a room, it is a good idea to implement color throughout your office to help promote creativity and productivity. Achieve these looks through décor, paint, and furniture to add a new element to your office.

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