Elementary Classroom Design Tips for the New Age

classroom design

Keep these classroom design tips in mind so that your students can reach their maximum potential both in and out of the classroom.

Teachers in the 21st century want to make sure that their students are getting the most out of their classroom experience. The way a classroom is designed is much more important to the ways in which students learn than you might realize. Obviously, schools are much different than they were 30 years ago, so why should the classroom design stay the same as when you were an elementary school student? Classrooms should be ready to accommodate the advancements in technology that will put students ahead of the academic game and be prepared for the next step in their scholastic futures. When designing an elementary or lower school classroom, keep these few things in mind so that your students can reach their maximum potential both in and out of your classroom.

Keep it Light

If possible, make sure that your classroom gets a maximum amount of natural light. Architects that designed educational buildings in the past thought keeping windows to a minimum would increase classroom productivity while minimizing distractions. Designers now know that this simply is not the case. Just like you, children work best when sunlight can lift up the energy of a room. Keep the blinds open and the room feeling light without the harsh burden of unnatural, overhead lighting.

Functional Furniture

In the 21st century, many schools are rethinking classroom furniture. As mentioned before, advancements in technology have changed the way we work and think, so it just makes sense that classrooms are designed with this in mind. Since young children spend so much of their time sitting, classroom furniture should accommodate their natural need to move. Furniture that allows young students to rock back and forth or bounce enhances circulation and promotes creativity as well as productivity.

Education and Lab Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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