How To Design A Great Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

Use these tips to create a beautiful hotel lobby.

When you’re designing a hotel lobby, there are a variety of factors you will want to take into consideration. Materials, color schemes, and your overall theme should relate back to the rest of your hotel, but with your lobby, you have some freedom in design. That said because your lobby is the first and last thing your customers see and the face of your business, it’s essential to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Space For Work

Your lobby is likely to be a meeting ground for all types of people. From those on vacation who need to organize and print itineraries to working professionals who need a space to draft an email while waiting to meet a business partner for a quick coffee. Having public spaces where your guests can do work and meet with visitors is critical. Tall tables with bar stools are an excellent option for a casual work location as they allow for quick movement and flexible use of space.

Comfortable Seating

While you need flexible seating like bar stools, you also need to have areas with comfortable seating that allows your guests a moment to rest. You will want to find the sweet spot between comfortable enough to relax while waiting for check in and not too comfortable so that guests will linger. The idea is to create a spot of momentary rest rather than a parking spot.

Keep It Varied

When you’re choosing furniture for your lobby, it’s important to select items within a theme while still maintaining variety. This is because your lobby needs to fulfill so many different roles. From waiting room, to meet up point, to a coffee spot, to a mobile office a hotel lobby must offer options to fill each roll. However, when choosing furniture, it’s essential to keep everything within one cohesive theme or color palette to keep your lobby looking its best.

Choose Quality

Areas such as a lobby are prone to intense wear and tear, which makes quality one of the most important factors when choosing furniture and materials for your lobby. Furniture with patterned fabric, wipeable surfaces, and loose seat pads are all a great way to ensure you’ll have the longest life span. Additionally, adding ski legs or nylon glides can help prevent damage to your furniture and your flooring.

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