Basics of Interior Design for Bed and Breakfast Owners

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Here are three interior design tips to help your bed and breakfast stand out online and in person.

The busy season for tourism is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go over some interior design tips for bed and breakfast owners! Interior design is one of the most critical aspects of owning a bed and breakfast. As more and more people are booking accommodations online, expectations for online listings have skyrocketed. A profile with pictures of every impeccably-decorated room with the perfect lighting is the new standard. As a result, the interior of your bed and breakfast has to serve double duty: to entice prospective guests in pictures posted online and to welcome and satisfy the needs of guests in person. Here are three interior design tips to help your bed and breakfast stand out online and in person.

  • Have a Theme

Many bed and breakfasts have either a main theme, themes for individual rooms, or a combination of the two. Using a theme to inform your interior design choices can make your entire property (and your business) look put-together, established, and welcoming. Themes do not have to be niche or outlandish; while pirate-themed spaces are certainly interesting, not every bed and breakfast needs one. A theme can simply be a color palette and a style of furniture. Your theme can run throughout your entire property, or you can choose related themes for individual rooms.

  • Not Empty, Not Cluttered

Spaces in your bed and breakfast should be neither spartan nor cluttered. Keep things clean and organized, and give guests space for their belongings while they stay. Things like armoires or cabinets with a few knick-knacks on top or on one shelf work well. This gives the room a lived-in feel while still providing plenty of room for your guest’s clothes and other items. Providing plenty of seating is another necessity. There should be at least one chair in the bedroom, possibly more chairs or a loveseat if space allows. This helps make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

  • Invest in Quality Furniture

A crucial part of designing spaces for a hospitality property is to choose furniture that will last. Beds, wardrobes, coffee tables, and more have to last through hundreds of stays from different guests and still hold up for the next booking. Look for furniture that is beautiful, yet functional and strong. Investing in quality furniture for your bed and breakfast will pay off in the long run. Plus, with rotating knick knacks, fabrics, and pillows, you can update your design again and again while using the same quality furniture!

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