4 Super Simple Ways To Furnish A Collaborative Classroom

collaborative classroom

Creating a collaborative classroom is easier than you think!

More and more classrooms are looking for innovative ways to create collaborative classrooms that foster a better learning environment. In fact, configuring a classroom to optimize student collaboration has been shown to increase student test scores and foster an interest in learning. Furthermore, collaboratively designed classrooms are made to allow students to look at one another and work together instead of focusing solely on a teacher. Here are some simple ways you can turn a traditional lecture room into a fun, collaborative classroom in no time!

Extremely Lightweight Furniture

The best type of furniture in your design of classrooms should be extremely lightweight. In fact, the best way to use a collaborative classroom is one that can quickly be moved from a group study environment to an individual study. Chairs need to be able to be adjusted to fit the variety of workstations and desks that facilitate a variety of collaborative classrooms.

Flexible Tables

This is a very important concept that cannot be overlooked. In fact, tables must be able to get adjusted and converted from a variety of standard desks to group environments. Having a setup that allows for tables to be converted from individual setups into collaborative modules is a necessary component of any collaborative classroom design.

Converting Desks Into Computer Stations

Another key component of collaborative classrooms is the transitional furniture. In fact, providing desks that are able to seamlessly convert into computer stations for students is a wonderful way for students to not worry about the hassle of finding a place to put their computers. Therefore, providing furniture that works seamlessly together for students is a great way to foster collaboration in classrooms.

A Portable Audio-Video Lectern

In a collaborative classroom, there needs to be some sort of way for a teacher or professor to be able to be seen from any point in the room. Therefore, incorporating a portable device that provides sounds as well as visuals to all the students in the room is essential in a collaborative learning environment.

Educational and Lab Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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