The Office Relocation Timeline by Month

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Office relocation can be tough, so you should be well prepared with a complete timeline.

You’ve decided that your business needs a new, fresh start, and so you are starting with the office location. After some time thinking it over, you’ve decided on office relocation and starting a new era of your business. But office relocation is no easy task. There is a lot of previous planning that needs to happen before jumping straight into a new office space. You’ll have to move all of your equipment and archives, employees will need to pack up their desks, and you’ll likely need to think about which furniture is nice enough to keep and what to replace. The best thing to do? Start planning six months in advance before hiring that office relocation service. Here’s a timeline divided by month on how to prepare for your upcoming office relocation. 

Twelve to Six Months Before Office Relocation

This is the time to be looking into the logistics of the move. The most crucial and important step at this stage is reviewing the current lease contract. This will give you an idea of how much time you have left to prepare for the office relocation before you need to leave your current space. This is also the time to start developing a flexible budget for the move. This budget should include not only the cost of the new office space but also the cost of an office relocation service, furniture warehousing, moving crews, and travel costs. 

Four Months to One Month Ahead

After you’ve determined a budget and have decided not to renew the lease with your current commercial property, it’s time to start looking for suitable office space. As a courtesy, this should also be around the time when you let employees know that a move will be taking place, as this gives them ample time to prepare. Communication during these months is key, not only with employees but also with business partners, suppliers, and investors who will all need to know about the change of address. Lastly, this is when you should be evaluating what furniture will need to go with you and which to leave behind. For example, is the 20-year-old computer desk really necessary, or would a new, more ergonomic model be a better investment?

One Week to One Day Before the Relocation

Now that you’ve secured office space, it’s time to physically go and inspect the surroundings. This is the last chance to point out any potential problems or complaints to the commercial real estate company. Lastly is to make a cohesive office relocation schedule and share it with your office relocation service professionals. 

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