Five Tips for Planning Out a Successful New Office Space

Collaborative work furniture and conference room furniture

The right office furniture can make a big difference.

Whether you’re moving locations or starting a new business, office design can have a significant impact on your company. Along with increasing employee satisfaction, a well-designed office space can help improve company culture, encourage productivity, and decrease health issues and absenteeism. The goal is to create a comfortable, welcoming space that allows for high levels of productivity. While this isn’t difficult to obtain, it does involve work.

Get Lighting Right

The first step to adequate office space is to be sure that your area is well lit and in the right color scheme. Different spectrums of light have different effects on your attitude and functionality. Natural light, or white toned light if you don’t have windows, is best for offices as it reduces eye strain and improved alertness. If you do have access to windows and natural light, be sure that they are equipped with blinds, light curtains, or a tint to prevent the effects of glares, overheating, and UV ray exposure.

Keep It Tidy

Keeping your office neat and clean is an issue of both functionality and health. When an office is dirty and unkempt employees are more likely to be sick, have allergy issues, and be merely uncomfortable in the space. Frequent cleaning services are an absolute must for this reason. Additionally, keeping things tidy means that you must have adequate storage and shelving. Not only will this keep clutter put away, but it will help keep the office functioning smoother if everything has a place to go.

Get The Right Furniture

Perhaps the most essential feature of a good office is to ensure that you have the right furniture. High quality, ergonomic office furniture, specifically desks, and chairs, can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your employee’s lives. One of the largest workplace injury categories stems from musculoskeletal diseases caused by the improper posture that lousy office furniture allows. While it may cost more up front, budgeting for quality office furniture will save you in the long run.

Premium Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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