How To Strategically Position Office Furniture To Increase Productivity

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How to creative a productive office.

Increased productivity and wellness has been found to be directly affected by the positioning of furniture. It’s easy to feel unproductive when we find ourselves uncomfortable behind our desks. Whether it’s the temperature, noise, or simply the overall atmosphere, we can only be as productive and our environment allows.

Closed Cubicles Or Open Plan

The great debate continues. Which layout will allow employees to be the most comfortable and relaxed? Sadly, the answer really depends on the company. Each office has it’s own unique needs to allow for workflow to progress.

  • Closed Cubicles: This style is best used in offices that require privacy for all employees. This style reduces noise and decreases any distractions that an open plan may allow.
  • Open Plan: The logic behind an open plan office setup is that more employees will feel less constrained to their cubicles, therefore making them happier and increasing productivity. An open plan office setup allows for interaction with co-workers and for the free flow of ideas. This style works best in a creative business where the desire to be open to new ideas is encouraged.

Ultimately, it’s always important to look at the size of your company and the needs of your office. If most employees typically spend the majority of their workday on the phone, then a cubicle layout may be best, giving them the privacy needed to accomplish their work goals. However, if you are part of a creative team that thrives in a more collaborative environment, an open plan would allow for employees to communicate with one another and accomplish their tasks much more efficiently.

Windows And Lighting

The best light for an office is natural light. Employees thrive in an environment that allows them access to as much natural light a possible. Even just re-positioning a desk to optimize the natural light that can come into an office will have an increase on productivity. If you have a setup where there is no natural light available in a specific space, there are ways to work around it. You can invest in artificial lighting which will serve to mimic the natural light found outside. You can also try using natural elements to decorate your office, to help compensate for the lack of natural light. Having some plants in the office will ensure that even without natural light, you can stay productive and happy in your office space.

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