Make a Good First Impression with Your Reception Area Furniture

reception area furniture

The furniture in your reception area makes your first impression before you even step into the room.

Making a good first impression is crucial when meeting potential customers or clients for the first time. However, have you ever thought about the impression you make even before your first impression? Whenever anyone walks into your office, whether a lead or a returning client, they’re greeted by your receptionist, and your reception area. The office furniture you choose for your reception area can be crucial in that person’s judgement of your business.

Visual Appeal

We, as a general population, are a visual culture. We care about the way things look, whether we like to admit it or not. You want your first visual impression when someone walks in your door to be one that projects a good image of your company. Your reception area furniture and design should look good, before anyone even has a chance to sit in your chairs or approach your reception desk. Style is always important in choosing office furniture.

Function Meets Comfort

Arguably, comfort is one of the primary functions of reception area furniture. For guests, they should have a comfortable place to sit and relax before meeting with you, keeping them in a positive frame of mind for your interaction. Your receptionist is also the person that visitors will interact with the most, so it’s important for them to be comfortable, productive, and happy behind their desk. An ergonomic chair is a great example of something that will make it much easier to man down the reception desk all day long.

Function Meets…Function

Aside from comfort and visual appeal, there are many other functions that you’ll need your reception area furniture to carry out. For example, your receptionist should have easy access to files and various office supplies that may be necessary throughout the day, so adequate storage space for your receptionist is crucial.

Remember that your reception area makes the first impression for you before visitors even meet you. Make their time in the waiting room more pleasurable and appealing with the right office furniture.

Make Your First Impression with Edwards and Hill!

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is proud to furnish corporate offices as well as providing quality furniture for hospitality businesses, educational settings, local casinos, and healthcare facilities. Tony Hill, Managing Partner, and Hans Edwards, Partner, have been working together since 1998 to provide quality multimedia and furniture products and services to a number of different businesses and industries.

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