Questions Office Designers and Planners Will Ask You

Questions Office Designers and Planners Will Ask You

Office designers and planners will likely ask you these questions to design your perfect workplace.

Working with office designers can be an invaluable service that can set your workplace up for success. Not only can they help you avoid making common mistakes when it comes to your office layout and design, but office designers can actually create the office space that will work for your business’s unique needs. The process of bringing your perfect office space to life starts with the office designers listening to you, their client. They’ll come prepared to discuss your vision and discover any hidden needs. Knowing what some of those questions might be ahead of time can let you get the most out of working with office designers.

What are you trying to achieve with your office design?

When office designers and planners ask you this open-ended question, it allows you to organically mention what you feel are the essential goals you want to achieve with the new office design. The way you initially answer this question guides a lot of the follow-up design process. For example, if you say you want to make a great impression on clients, there may be more focus on aesthetics and style. If the first thing you mention is a clean and minimal space, the designers are likely to prioritize using plenty of space and furniture for storage purposes.

What’s your workflow like?

Understanding how your business operations work and how individuals or teams complete their tasks can give experienced office designers and planners insight as to what you need. They’ll be sure to propose a plan to enable the various aspects of work that goes on in your office. Often, this question can reveal the optimal number of private offices, co-working spaces, or any special facilities or workstations that you need to implement. 

What do your employees say?

By asking about how the people who will use the space feel about what they need and what they would like can help produce a more satisfactory design. Beyond practical considerations that can help them do their work better, remember to include amenities your employees would most like to use. This can be suggestions for the break room or how to set up collaborative workspaces.

What’s your space and budget?

This question is simple but vital to the design process. Understanding your constraints lets office designers propose realistic and achievable changes to your office space. Additionally, designers often work closely with furniture suppliers and can recommend whether you should buy or rent your office furniture pieces, based on your budget plan.

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