Better to Buy or Rent Office Furniture?

Better to Buy or Rent Office Furniture?

There are different facets to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent office furniture for your business. See what they are here.

Setting up your business and creating your workplace requires many careful considerations. One of the many choices you may end up making is whether to buy or rent office furniture for your office space. The way you go about acquiring furniture to support your business efforts has plenty of evident and less-obvious impacts. Being aware of the benefits and potential drawbacks of each option helps you make a more informed decision on whether to buy or rent office furniture. While it’s hard to state definitively which method is best, you can determine which is better for your situation.

Buying Office Furniture

Buying your office furniture means you get complete ownership over those items. Ultimately, you control which pieces you own and how to use them. There is a wider variety of pieces and styles to choose from when you are buying furniture, so you can get precisely what you want to furnish your workplace. Unlike renting, you won’t be tied to any recurring payment to use furniture or equipment you may end up not keeping.

However, that freedom and ownership can come with a price — literally. As a business owner, you will need to pay more money upfront to purchase office furniture and enough of it. Therefore, while you’re welcomed to pick exactly which piece of high-quality, ergonomic furniture you want, it may be more feasible to settle for something more cost-effective when making that initial investment. Keep in mind, when the time comes to replace your furniture, you will be responsible for purchasing new items and discarding your old ones.

Renting Office Furniture

Like renting an office space, you may choose to rent office furniture, as well. The greatest allure of renting your furniture is the lower upfront costs. In time, as you decide it may be better to own the furniture, you may be able to buy the furniture from the rental company. Additionally, renting office furniture could mean you have plenty of high-quality options to choose from that you may not have been able to purchase. Renting your furniture does not mean you need to sacrifice style. In fact, you may be presented with more options and pieces to create your perfect office design. Another perk of office furniture rentals is you can write your rental payments off as a business expense for tax purposes.

The most significant setback of renting your furniture is all the care you must put into maintaining the items without ownership credit. For all the money you spend on renting the furniture in the long term, on top of paying for any necessary repairs, you may have been able to save a lot of your money had you bought the office furniture in the first place.

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