Office Design Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Office Design Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

There are some office design mistakes we see too often in what could otherwise be a perfectly polished and optimized workplace.

There are countless articles and guides available that all aim to help you create a pleasant and productive work environment. All these ideas and inspiration are great to have, but planning an office design for your business should also thoughtfully avoid mistakes and pitfalls. Every office design is different because every business is different. However, there are some office design mistakes we see too often in what could otherwise be a perfectly polished and optimized workplace. Here are a few of those office design mistakes your company should avoid making.

Not Providing Both Public and Private Workspace

When it comes to the office layout, there are mainly arguments revolving around whether open or closed-office concepts are better. In reality, choosing and strictly sticking to one concept could be one of those office design mistakes. The best office work setting should offer employees relatively open and public spaces to collaborate, brainstorm, or just build up social relationships, as well as providing ample places to support individual, focused work. Some workers are more productive in one type of setting than another. So, give everyone the option to pick what works best for them.

Cramming Too Many Workstations Together

We’ll be one of the firsts to tell you that there is still immense value in having a physical office location and workspace for your employees. But when office managers think about maximizing value, they could visualize an office design that seeks to fit as many desks — and as many workers — as they can into the floorplan. This is not only ill-advised given our current state of public health, but it also invites too many distractions and discomfort to your employees. Adequate spacing out your workstations still makes the most of your layout’s efficiency without compromising how your workers may feel about their proximity to a deskmate or cubicle mate.

Leaving Acoustics as an Afterthought

So you’ve considered both ways to functionally make the most of your office design, as well as perfected the visual and style aspect of interior design. But there’s one element you may have forgotten to account for — one you can’t necessarily see. That thing is the noise level. With all those people and equipment working away during the day, you may find yourself having trouble concentrating with all the sounds happening around you. More and more office designs incorporate sound-masking systems to combat this issue.

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