How Wayfinding Services Can Help Your Employees and Business

How Wayfinding Services Can Help Your Employees and Business

Wayfinding services should be considered whenever design is in question, including office layout designs.

If you’ve never heard of wayfinding services, it’s a set of processes and tools that can be used to navigate a space. This includes the obvious — directories, maps, or signs that can all count as examples of wayfinding. It’s something that should be considered whenever design is in question, including office layout designs. Something like viewing angles in office spaces or just the amount of room in hallways can impact employees and visitors alike, which is why wayfinding services are so important to think about. 

Improving Communication

A study done by MIT indicated that face-to-face socialization and better communication among a team could actually be more of a benefit to productivity than things like individual skill, intelligence, or personality. By creating an office design that focuses on wayfinding services to help employees interact with one another, you can expect higher performance from a team resulting in better business practices.

On-Boarding Employees

Finding your footing in a new office setting isn’t always easy. On top of figuring out your duties, what your role entails, and all about office culture, you also need to learn to navigate the new environment and how to get around. Wayfinding services can help you figure out where you’re meant to be, taking a bit of stress off the plate of a brand new employee.

Helping Guests or Clients

Ever find yourself taking too much of your time to answer guests’ or clients’ questions about where they need to be? That’s probably a sign that you need wayfinding services. Visual cues can help guests or clients find their way, reducing their frustrations and leaving them with a better overall impression of your facility.

More Efficient, Less Confusing

There’s no escaping the age-old mantra: “time is money.” You don’t want your employees wasting their time by navigating a poorly laid out and designed office. Instead, it should run smoothly and easily. Digital signage or directories can reduce confusion and help people find out where they should be, letting them focus on their important work.

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