3 Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Office

Redesigning Your Office

Keep these factors in mind when redesigning your office.

Your office’s layout is important for a variety of reasons. Not only is it good to have an aesthetically pleasing office for clients, but it’s essential to have an office where your employees feel comfortable. After a while, it’s good to redesign your office to give it a fresh look. This is not a task to take lightly though, as a poorly designed office could create a ripple effect that harms productivity. Here are three things you should keep in mind when redesigning your office.

Your Plan

It’s essential to have a plan when you’re redesigning your office because failing to have one can have negative results. There are a lot of options at your disposal when it comes to designing an office, so make sure you know what you want out of your newly designed office before you even move a single piece of furniture, If you don’t have a plan, you could find yourself in a situation where you go over your intended budget or you can’t physically make the changes that you want to.


Having comfortable furniture in your office is not only a nice perk, but can have tangible results in terms of employee health and productivity. Ergonomic furniture has been shown to lower the risk of health issues for employees, so making sure to include it in your newly designed office would be an excellent choice. Even if you don’t opt for ergonomic furniture, make sure that any furniture you include is both useful and comfortable.


No matter how ambitious your plans are or how large your budget is, every office redesign has logistical limitations. Make sure that you’re accounting for the amount of space you have in your office before you start making any plans. You don’t want to have a situation where you have furniture delivered only to find out that it won’t fit in your office. Essentially, you should work within the limitations of your budget and space.

Let Edwards & Hill Assist Your Interior Design Project

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