How To Design Quality Preschool Classrooms

In President Obama’s State of the Union Address, a universal preschool initiative was proposed. The President wants to extend preschool to all American 4-year olds to address inequity in the education system.

In an effort to meet this needs our schools will need to be adequately furnished.  What features are included in high quality preschool classrooms? It is time to prepare.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is here to design and furnish preschool classrooms.  We also furnish and install, auditorium seating and lecterns, library furniture, Smart boards and projectors, and that is just a small sampling of what is needed for the ideal preschool classroom.  The atmosphere should promote good classroom flow and set a positive learning environment for children.

Many children from low-income families miss out on the educational benefits of daily bedtime stories, music lessons, and head start learning programs (examples: number games, science lessons, and writing skills).

Studies have shown that preschool programs help prepare children not only for formal school but also increase their job readiness for professional careers.

When shopping for quality preschool furniture, think kid friendly for bedding, toys, seating, tables and accent pieces.

Preschool furniture should be fun, simple and orderly. The School furniture should also be appealing to all ages with bright colors (bright reds, apple greens, bright pinks, cerulean blues) and patterns.

Look for theses features in preschool furniture:


  • Purchase furniture with oak or plank wood materials. The wood materials are durable and highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Purchase child sized furniture items to fully accommodate small children.
  • Seating and bedding should be soft and cozy – flat seat pans, beanbags, sofas and carpet squares are great selections.
  • School furniture should also promote collaborative work. You can meet collaborative learning needs by purchasing durable, flexible furnishings such as arch shaped desks. Active learning environments are important for preschool students because students have a better opportunity to stay engaged and energized.

Here at Edwards & Hill we offer a wide variety of educational furniture and laboratory applications.

Edwards & Hill is here to design an intimate, durable, stylish Preschool Learning Environment. Take a look at our Lines of Educational Furniture and learn more about the benefits of educational furniture designs today.

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