How can Ergonomic Furniture improve Workplace Safety for your Aging Workforce?

Office Workforce Safety

As you may notice, the demographics of the workforce are quickly changing. More and more American workers are experiencing health problems,particularly related to obesity and aging. How can you reduce the physical strain your office environment puts on your aging workforce?

One of the best ways to tackle this ever growing issue is to utilize high quality ergonomic furniture because more and more retirees tend to work in some capacity outside of traditional work environments to keep them financially stable as well as physically and mentally healthy.

To make sure your office environment is as safe as possible for aging employees, you should hire a professional interior designer to evaluate your work environment and identify how you can best accommodate an aging workforce. Aging employees experience muscle weakness, less  joint mobility and take longer to react to work environments.

Ergonomic furniture can reduce work fatigue and keep your workers comfortable. When your employees can focus on their work duties rather than physical discomfort,  they are more productivity and less likely to be absent from work.

Here are some furniture recommendations and features you may want to include in your workplace environment:

  • Ergonomic grip designs to reduce stress on joints and hands
  • Ergonomic workstations to maintain good  movement for prolonged static positioning
  • Ergonomic office chairs for good lumbar support

The more at ease you can make cross work functionality for your aging workforce,the better.

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture offers excellent ergonomic solutions to help you improve workplace safety at the office. We understand how important it is for aging workers to have a good life and work balance.

Explore our ergonomic furniture options to see how we can improve the performance of your workers today by protecting them from strain injuries.

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