Arranging Your Trade Show Exhibit Furniture

edwards & hill trade show exhibit

A trade show exhibit needs to show what your company is all about to so many different people. Start with some fitting furniture!

Since in-person events are starting to show up on everyone’s work schedules over the last few weeks, the time for your company to make a huge impact with their trade show exhibit is right now. In the past, many companies that attended trade shows frequently probably didn’t really think about updating their trade show exhibit displays too much. After all, if you were a regular, people would know your layout well and know where to find you. But post-pandemic, so many things were altered or lost, including memory. Now with that being said, now is the perfect time to think about rebranding your company’s trade show exhibit from scratch and what better place to start than with some furniture? Here’s how Edwards & Hill can help you choose the best furniture for your company’s new and visually striking trade show exhibit. 

Choosing a Theme

Most companies already have a “brand image” that they tend to stick to. A trade show exhibit is a perfect place to show off that brand and what it represents to a whole new bunch of potential customers, business partners, or sales leads. Luckily, when it comes to furniture for a trade show exhibit, there are so many styles and colors to choose from that can fit your company to a T. To make things even more cohesive, try adding themed furniture on top of your existing brand. For example, if you want a more modern look, try ergonomically designed minimalist furniture. For a more luxury appearance, such as a casino, try some baroque-inspired furniture for a bit of classy vintage flair. 

Think in 3D

Gone are the days of trade show exhibits with one single table and maybe a canopy if you are lucky. Nowadays, you should try to make the best visual impact possible by including all-around furniture. One simple trick is to actually rent some portable walls if they aren’t provided, making the trade show exhibit space into a mini-room. This will not only get prospects’ attention, but it will also temporarily block out their view of other competitors. 

Mask That Storage Space

When you rent a trade show exhibit space, you are going to want to bring the very best of what your company has to offer. That being said, you may be left with a whole lot of storage bins or boxes that everything you need came in, which are a bit unsightly for prospects to see. Try renting storage-friendly furniture to store all that ugly stuff in until the trade show is over, then simply take them back out and pack up with ease.

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