Is Your School Furniture Still Providing Support?

Edwards & Hill School Furniture

When it comes to promoting a thriving learning environment, having high-quality school furniture does impact a student’s education as well as the educators.

With children returning to school, any school furniture has been put to the test. Need an upgrade? From art room furniture to cafeteria tables and classroom chairs, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture has all the supplies for your needs and solutions.

Promote Learning with Ergonomic Classroom Chairs

When choosing school furniture, comfort and functionality should be considered. Since a student’s day is primarily spent sitting in a classroom, providing safe, ergonomically seating is crucial to prevent health risks and promotes a successful learning environment. Ergonomic school chairs maximize comfort by adjusting student postures instead of forcing students to accommodate themselves to worn-out chairs.

Don’t Ignore Art Room Furniture

Despite not being used the most, art room furnishings are usually neglected. Occasionally we’ve sat through a class that did not attract our attention. By allowing children to express themselves in a welcoming atmosphere creatively, you’re encouraging a growth level of learning. Often overlooked, tables do impact a student’s productivity in art class. Without realizing it, tables take a beating during painting and clay sessions.

Instead of desks, large square or long rectangular tables are a better alternative for group work among students. Another school furniture that is equally important in an art setting is chairs. Chairs are the easiest to spark inspiration and interest in your students, especially with ergonomic features.

Enhance the Social Atmosphere with New Cafeteria Tables

School lunch is crucial to student wellness and ensures that students receive the nutrition they need throughout the school day to learn. Some of the benefits of improving your school’s cafeteria tables are portability, ergonomics, and variety. The layout of your cafeteria should be spacious allowing the cafeteria furniture to move with little effort and to be stored with no struggle. Plus, the cafeteria table shouldn’t interrupt the movement flow of the students, thus, avoiding accidents in tight spaces. Providing the perfect cafeteria furniture is one of the best ways a school demonstrates its care for student comfort.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Medical Furniture and Design Needs

Are you ready to redesign your office to maximize productivity and creative thinking? Edwards & Hill can help you design and install the perfect designs for your business. Edwards & Hill is a leading office, education, medical, and hospitality furniture provider with high-quality design and installation services for any style or scale. We have our headquarters in Annapolis Junction, Maryland, and another convenient office location in St. Louis, Missouri. If you are ready to get your office design started, contact us online or give us a call at 301-317-4250. For the St. Louis office, please call 314-797-5077. For more furniture design tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube.





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