Classroom Furniture Layout Options in 2021

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Classroom furniture is constantly changing, but learning is always the number one priority.

As we all know, kids are out of school for the summer, and educators are also spending these hotter months with their families. Well, at least for now. Soon enough, August will be upon us, and it will be time to start setting up for a long-overdue return to the classroom for the 2021-2022 school year. However, teachers and administrators may have grown a bit rusty in the school furniture and layout department, considering not so many students have seen regular classroom interactions in almost two years. So here’s a refresher on all the different common ways to arrange classroom furniture in a way that best benefits your students!

Traditional Classroom Furniture Layout

When you remember your own school days, you’ll probably remember a very iconic classroom furniture layout you saw for around 12 years every day. A row of neatly lined desks and chairs, single file, all are facing towards the front of the classroom. At the front, there was probably a teacher’s desk, and depending on your age, a chalkboard or a dry erase board. Some educators love the traditional classroom furniture layout, as it makes sure students are always able to view the speaker no matter where they are sitting, and the speaker has equal visibility of the students. There is still plenty of “classic” styled classroom furniture available for purchase in this layout style since the layout still remains extremely popular amongst educators. 

Collaborative-Based Layout

In more recent years, research has found that group work actually prepares students better for occupations as an adult because they will likely be working with others in an office on a daily basis. So many types of classroom furniture and the layouts that come with it are now being manufactured based on collaborative designs. This means that tables, chairs, and other furniture are made for “breakout groups,” encouraging comradery between students to work together. This means round tables will be a common layout in these sorts of classroom furniture layout schemes.

Movement-Based Layout

Lastly, many students, especially younger ones, have a lot of energy. Becoming antsy when sitting too long can take away their attention span when it comes to learning. Therefore, many modern school furniture is now developed with movement in mind. This means standing desks for when students become tired of sitting, rolling furniture for easy classroom rearrangement for non-sitting lectures, and a huge variety of furniture types overall for a variety of non-traditional lesson plan types. 

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Classroom Furniture and Design Needs

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