5 Things to Consider When Choosing Laboratory Furniture

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Laboratory Furniture Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

Laboratories differ depending on size, function, and the risk involved.

Having the appropriate laboratory furniture is a crucial factor in any lab setting. This is because proper furniture enhances safety, efficacy, and productivity. However, the task of equipping your laboratory with suitable furnishings is one of a kind. It requires that you research the appropriate furniture, consult the experts and organize the laboratory to avoid any possible risks. In this post, we have compiled five things that you must consider when choosing laboratory furnishings.

Type Of Lab

Laboratories differ depending on size, function, and the risk involved. For that matter, the furniture, benches, cabinet, and hazards will also vary. Examples of standard laboratories are medical, educational, analytical, research, and development laboratories. Knowing the size and function of your laboratory helps you choose the appropriate furniture.

Laboratory Design

Laboratories are designed to facilitate smooth working and minimize disturbances and accidents. In addition, most designs allow for easy access to lab apparatus as well as easy maintenance. Moreover, the lab’s layout will also allow for easy movement and have well-positioned working benches. Consequently, the choice of your furniture should supplement your laboratory design. For example, lab chairs should rhyme with bench height for easy working. 

Your Budget

Like in any other endeavor, price is a critical factor when choosing laboratory furniture. And as much as price is a concern, you should select cost-friendly furnishings but maintain a high standard. 


Laboratories are not only used for experiments but also to undertake other works. For example, laboratories can be used for holding meetings and presenting research findings. In that case, you should purchase highly flexible laboratory furniture that can serve different purposes. 


Like in any other product, laboratory furniture needs to be of top quality. Quality furniture can last long, are easy to maintain, and provide the required comfort. You should therefore ensure that you choose furniture made from quality material.

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